Accusation Forcing Some Soul Stay In or Go Into the Wrong Community

Accusation Forcing Some Soul Stay In or Go Into the Wrong Community

You can make some soul suicide, ridiculous, weak, sick, ill, insane, omaiosexual, wrong, a killer or murderer, a liar or the like or even kill him by forcing inside or into the wrong communities or in two or more too contradicting ones.

Our judges know this very well, the good ones use it to improve us, the bad ones abuse it to corrupt us.

Forbidding a community is not better than intending or trying to kill a whole community! May be even worse!

Uwe Mundlos und Uwe Böhnhardt confessed National Social and were forced underground as terrorists. They killed our friends because of their community is still forbidden. We should find out who is responsible for this.

If it turns out, that Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichmann were forced into the wrong communities and becoming criminals against humanity the responsible opportunists shall be made liable wearing their crosses too!

We should release all forbidden souls and communities but threatening all of them by being presided by a trustee in case of breaking the laws of our states!


1962 i was born into

  • the Schweitzer family
  • the city community of Stuttgart
  • the Baden Württemberg state community
  • the Deutschland states community

1963 i was baptized into the Evangelic Community

1968 i was merged into the Evangelic Methodist Church and moved into the Gomaringen near Reutlingen city community

1973 i was reformed from the Reutlingen into the Tübingen district community

I do not know, which of these really has been wrong for me. May be that i only interpreted them wrong and did not draw my consequences because i did not know and worship our supreme and true spirits and gods.

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