Accusation Loss of at least one beloved Woman

Accusation Loss of at least one beloved Woman


  • Siegfried Schweitzer
  • Andreas Schweitzer
  • Birgit Schweitzer
  • Lena Kimmerle born Schweitzer
  • Jens Kimmerle
  • Jehovahs Witnesses (They did not tell me what they knew and they wanted me to forgive without begging for pardon! Even when they recognized that even Jesus cannot and will not reconcile with every one.)

I make you responsible for the loss of at least one of my loves and my religious persecution!

You shall

  • give one of my lost loves back to me or
    substitute her by another woman i can love and who can love me or
    buy me a personal and private female slave who at least can satisfy my physical needs or
    pay me enough money for regular prostitutes.

You shall give me enough money to maintain and promote my own religion and politics too. Do not try to replace my unique beneficiary work with any other inferiour work that is done by dozens, hundreds or thousands.

Religious means also being represented only by people of same belief! You shall pay me a lawyer for my religion too! Either she or he follows my gods or converts to my faith!

Otherwise you all shall lose all your property and go to brothel where i and other victims can use you for substitution and satisfaction.

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