Accusation to and or of the United Nations

Accusation to and or of the United Nations

What is a human race?

A human race is nothing else as a species of humans like races of animals and plants re species of their corresponding communities!

Race is not only a question of skin color, even more the question for life style and confession.

I accuse

1 Calling all lessabled souls disabled

2 Calling all slavery bad

3 Calling all deutschlander adult males Herr

4 Calllin all deutschlander adult female Frau

are all crimes against humanity by discriminating some human races!

One or more of your member states are committing these and lot more crimes against humanity! I have to warn you! Do you prefer to become or be made lessabled or disabled soon?

You are dividing your slaves in smaller and smaller pieces!

You make more and more laws for special treatment of women, pensioners, children, prisoners, prostitutes, workers, each kind of sickness and disease, lessabled, addicted, convicted, wounded and even animals for special treatment.

Please finally admit, that you cannot and will not treat us all equal.

But you can treat all slaves equal and all citizens too. We do not need any more classes. Our nations have enough power and or money to buy their own advantages and privileges. They do not need own laws.


Slavery is better than freedom if your master is better than you! In this case it would be better to become or be his slave instead of being one’s own slave!

Of course every soul is free calling himself Herr or Frau or Master or Mister or the like, but those who do more feel like slaves should have at least the option to be titled by HUMAN so and so.


We want common Human Slave Rights and Duties for all kind of slavery.

Holistic not sepearate Internment for all unwanted, unable and unwilling to support their states and their crimes against us believers and against each other.

Only by holistic internment the majority will be able to satisfy their most important needs.

And the free citizens can proceed from bad to worse and making their wars without our bad conscience.

The more or less free citizens shall have their own extended laws, rights and duties.

All Slaves shall be treated equal and all citizens too each ones by their own laws.

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