Accusation Siegfried Schweitzer “Ernst Tiltscher Support”

Accusation Siegfried Schweitzer “Ernst Tiltscher Support”

27. August 2020, gone by the urine

3. September 2020, renewed


Accusation Ernst Tiltscher


In the name of the empire, kingdom and state Zsion and the 14 tribes of Israel we confirm:


Siegfried Schweitzer supported my wrong and unequal treatment by Ernst Tiltscher since 1994.

Without my knowledge he acted as my guardian in the Evangelic Methodist Church instead of enlightening me annually about my rights and duties in this church as a kind of member at least from 1980 to 2000.


There was no real need to support me take Tiltscher’s drugs. It was your own incomplete and erroneous assumption and opinion that i might need them.

You tried to poison me too!

You tried to profit from my life long dependency of your medical drugs.

You halfened my rights and income and doubled my duties. Shame on you!

Did you kill my mother Gisela too?


You better pay me some substitute now for your un necessary, harmful and dangerous treatment!

I want one third of all your fortune gained since 1994 and one third of your life long incomes since 2020 as life annuity!

False and authentic Jews may take two parts of our common heritage.

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