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Accusation Z003 Guilt

  • If it turns out, that the whores
    • family Schweitzer
    • Evangelisch methodistische Kirche
      Jehovahs Zeugen
      Deutsche Post
      Deutsche Telekom
      1 und 1
      Hazem Elgafari vom IKBZ Tübingen

    have stolen, sold, spoiled or even killed one or several of my loves and or queens, they shall give me each one sixth of their communities as substitute.

    If they can make others responsible or co responsible, they are welcome. These other ones shall pay in stead or with them.

    If they do not obey, they shall lose every thing!

    What shall i do with women, who belong to others or whom i cannot love or even foreign and strange queens? They could not satisfy me or even make me happy! Thank you for all offers, but they are not good enough!

    That some of you try to satisfy me with peaces of metal is even worse! Not even the money of all states could substitute a love or queen!

    The utmost worse case is, tthat you do not seem granting me at least a single whore.

    I did not find anything else where, what i could not have here, if you would grant it to me.

    Or have you and or my loves sold me to any body else? Thinkable is it today!

    My community shall be my future queen, no matter where and how numerous!

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