“Augusta” Victoria?

“Augusta” Victoria?

Which of the wives of Roma emperor Augustus could have become a “victoria”? Is one of them may be even one of our holies in the heavenly Israel and Jerusalem?

Pontius Pilate’s wife is later called Claudia and or Procula!

Saint? Claudia is known a Christian of emperial Rome to apostle Paul alongside Eubulus, Pudens and Linus in his Second Epistle to Timothy 4:21.

Nothing is known of her origins or social or marital status, which has led to centuries of speculation.

Time Line

70/65 Scribonia born

63 Augustus born

59/58 Livia Drusilla born

57/56/54 Clodia Claudia Pulchra born

44 Julius Cesar assassinated

44? Claudia Clodia Pulchra married first

41? Claudia Clodia Pulchra divorced in physical virginity?

? Claudia dies no body knows when, where and how? Did she even became Jewish or Christian or even a disciple of Jesus personally?

40 Scribonia was forced to divorce her second husband and marry Octavian second

39 daughter Julia born, the same day Scribonia divorced

38 Livia Drusilla married third and last

14 Augustus dies

14 daughter Julia dies

16 Scribonia dies

29 Livia Drusilla dies

33 Jesus trial before Pontius Pilate, whose wife warned him not to judge Jesus

? Pontius Pilate dies by worms

50? Claudia with Paul in Roma

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