Being Part of Unknown or Wrong Communities

Being Part of Wrong or Unknown Communities

Many of our communities are contradicting and competing for members and reputation more or less.

So, if we are members of any community, we are made co responsible for our communities mistakes and victims too.

If we now are not aware of a membership, this can turn out really evil.

Many people are registering others in communities without informing them. My own family and church they made it a secret for me, that i was registered and responsible as a member somehow. Only after losing my job, they revealed it to me.

Aditionally i remember my own father, filling out forms in my name without asking me and without my permission! And in the internet i was registered into many lists and memberships without permission, either by profit seeking communities themselves or by third parties to make and keep me dependent in some kind of slavery.

I will not pay for their mistakes, i swear you!

They shall substitute soul for soul and organ for organ!!!!!

If we stay in wrong communities together with unsuitable spirits, we risk losing our friends inside and also friends in other communities! Our communities are all competing jealously for members. They are all more or less different and contradictive, other wise we would have not as many communities. We would have only one community for the whole humanity.

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