Pharmaceutical Description (Copy from the Pharmacy)

Package Leaflet

Information for the User

Chlorpromazine 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg Tablets


all of this leaflet carefully before you start taking this medicine because it contains important information to you:

  • keep this leeflet
  • if you have further questions ask your doctor or pharmacist
  • do not give this personal medicine to others
  • if you get any side effects, talk to you doctor and pharmacist

What is in this leaflet

  1. What Chlorpromazine Tablets are and what they are used for
  2. What you need to know before you take Chlorpromazine
  3. How to take Chlorpromazine
  4. Expected probable side effects
  5. How to store Chlorpromazine tablets
  6. Contents of the pack and other information

1 What Chlorpromazine Tablets are and what they are used for

Chlorpromazine belongs to a group of drugs known as phenothiazines, which act on the central nervous system. They are used to treat the following conditions: schizophrenia and other psychosis particularly paranoia (delusions and feelings of persecution), mania (overactive behaviour) and hypomania (elated moods and excitability), anxiety, agitation and violent or dangerous impulsive behaviour.

Chlorpromazine is also used for prolonged feelings of hiccups, feeling or being sick when other drugs have failed, to lower body temperature and for childhood schizophrenia and autism, learning and communications difficulties.

Since Samuel Hahnemann we know that all drugs can enforce or weaken symptoms they are taken against. In different doses every chemical can have different effects, even opposite.

There is the big risk of abuse!

Who will judge our feelings and moods? More and more people and peoples are persecuted.

Even Jesus warns us, that who ever follows him wearing one’s own cross, will be persecuted too, either by humans, their communities and states or by demons!

And no chemical = material drug can helps against invisible and imaterial demons or against the minds of others. They could at least make us dumb or sleepy or weaken our will.

By no means Jesus was against reasonable advisers, practitioners and medical treatment.

Yes Jesus is a spirit in heavens now and the crown witness of the existence of other good and evil spirits!

The second big risk: If we do not bear this drug, they can take it as reason to prescribe us other may be even worse chemicals.

Only patients convinced by legal means who cannot stand their feelings and moods any more should take these drugs!


2 What you need to know before you take Chlorpromazine

  • Do not take chlorpromazine and tell your doctor if you:
    • are allergic or hypersensible to it or any other ingredients.
      have a low number of blood cells (bone marrow depression)
      have increased eye pressure ( glaucoma)
      are taking dopaminergic antiparkinson drugs
      breast feed
      take citalopram or escotalopram
      have a history of low white blood cell count
      have urine retention due to a prostate disorder

    This is a third big risk of abuse!

    Whoever knows us taking this drug, can easily harm us by giving us the contradicting substances or bringing us into contradicting states or situations!

    Is this the reason why so many people wanted and want to know my medication?

    And the reason, why they want to confess me homeless and make me dependent on their food and charity?


    3 How to take Chlorpromazine

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  • 4 Expected probable side effects

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  • 5 How to store Chlorpromazine tablets

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  • 6 Contents of the pack and other information

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    My commentary to the pharmaceutical description:

    Please tell your doctor that you are a human! Otherwise he might suppose you to be an ET!? He has not learnt love, faith and hope on his university! But obviously he has taken Dr. Ernst Tiltscher too serious! You aren’t an ET too, my dear!

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