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Decree Z015 Zsion Penny

Jehovahs, Zsions, Christs and Israels Herald

Uwe Schweitzer

Zion Slaves Synagogue & Centre for Spiritual and Carnal Meeting

Lerchenweg 3, Gomaringen 72810, Deutschland

c/o Anwältin Astrid Teske, Waldburgstraße 79, Stuttgart 70563, Deutschland

Mother Earth

Lower Zion


Phone: +49 152 10497211


Allah Jehovahs State and Kingdom Mother Zsion too needs means to promote her work.

Every soul and community shall contribute to this world wide work.

One smallest amount of money of each ones states currency once a year would be enough.

Only tax payers get the heavenly civil rights.

No soul or community reaches paradise or even the heavenly government Christ King Isas and Queen Israels without respecting our mother, community and state.

This applies to all religions and tribes of the Heavenly New Israel, to Gentiles, Jacobines, Christians and Muslims.

This applies to all earthen states and religious leaders too:

  • All Jehovahs Witnesses
  • All Kings, Presidents, Cesars and Chancellors
  • All Queens and Priestesses
  • All Judges
  • All legislators
  • All bishops, rabbis, imams, pastors, journalists, managers, lawyers, directors, secretaries, generals, officers, kalifs, sheriffs, governors, vogts, elders, senators, advisers, councils and soviets
  • All ministers and mayors
  • and all others!

Please contribute now!

Zsion Pennies

Zsion Citizen Contribution Supporting Jehovahs, Christs and Queen Israels State, Community and Kingdom Mother Zion and their work for all souls and communities world wide. Please type in the number of Zsion Pennies you like to donate, each for One US Cent = 0.01 USD.




by heart, salam ao hurub aleikum, a nice week and the best possible future for all souls and communities, your tax collectors Apostle Mathew and Uwe.


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