Eighth Letter to Jehovahs Witnesses

Eighth Letter to Jehovahs Witnesses

My dear witnesses, you may have one of the best organised bible schools and societies and a wide spread world wide community, but obviously you too committed the biggest error, that an earthen community ever can do:

You too wanted to be the best or only true or chosen earthen community, like so many before and after you! Remember Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist comrades for example.

By doing this you too killed many holies or incited others to kill those, who knew it better, that only one nation, Our Christ with HIS HEAVENLY NEW ISRAEL, established 1914, what i learned at least from you, can now claim to be the best and only true and chosen community.

This sin racism is a crime against humanity ang goes far beyond religious freedom. You are responsible with all the others, that there is no religious freedom any more!

Respecting and worshiping her father Jehovah you could have known and done better! Charles Taize Russell respected Zion at the beginning, but for some reasons he preferred to found an international over an israelite bible student association.

So he had to dispute with Zionists, Israelites, Jews and Christians about his? personal kingdom Zsion, what he soon lost again for the sake of an anonymous and unpersonal kingdom of god, that you are still promoting until today.

Though this kingdom and its government were political from the first hour, you wanted to stay unpolitical instead of impartial, by this indirectly supporting all other political parties and religions.

It seems now that only any Israel community can represent Zsion in truth and dignity!

So let us all make the best out of this new knowledge, please!

I cannot reach the heavens now, may be I only can get some support in or from the earthen state of Israel now. No other community seems to deserve it any more.

Even those who would like to support it, they cannot do it and bear it any more! They would at least have to give up and lose some of their unjust powers over other humans! They cannot afford or do not dare this any more.

Nevertheless I grant you some hundreds or even a few thousand holies in heavens too. Probably you have not more and probably not even your own tribe! You seem to do not even know your tribe.

I’m ready for Tel Aviv now!

If they do not use or want me, shall they convince me and send me some where else!

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