Electric Power Reform

Electric Power Reform

May be in paradise with steady and world wide peace on earth we all could agree to one standard.

Today we have about 10 to 20 different standards.

Electric Power Species

Electric Plower Plug Species

New Standards

We could reduce this Babylonian technical confusion and make a compromise with 4 to 5 standards

    Inter State or International Standard
    New Babylonia Standard
    New Roman Standard
    New Elena Standard
    New Egypt Standard

Thus every state can choose her best suitable standard and no traveller on earth has to buy more than four or five different adapters.

AC Supply

DC Supply

Data or Information and Communication Supply

For some inter state reasons one information and communication standard is more likely to be accepted world widely than one power standard.

But even here we could make some compromises.

Operator Systems

Our phones could have one of four or five operating systems and one out of four or five connectors.

Domestic Standard Electric Supply Cable

with integrated copper AC and DC and optical data conductors for easiest manufacturing and installation. At least one integration cable into every room of our households.

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