Estimation of the Totality of All Past and Present Humans

Estimation of All Ever Living Past and Present Humans and Their Future Possession in Paradise

Let us assume

  • about 30 years for each generation before growing by generating children
  • 8 billion people living now 2019 on our earth, shared by about two generations, maybe 5 billions belonging to the youngest generation
  • Witness 1: Steady Evolution from Apes since 1000000 Years
  • Witness 2: Sudden mutation of Homo sapiens from apes about 100000 years ago
  • Witness 3 Archeologists: They date their oldest cities found back to about 10000 years.
  • Witness 4 Moses: Creation of Adam and Eve as their own species about 6000 years ago
  • Witness 5 Moses: Descending from Noah with his family surviving the Deluge about 4400 years ago: 8 humans restarting humanity after the deluge (Noah, his 3 sons with their 4 wives)

First a Growth Calculation

A growth or time value calculation gives us the mean growth “generational interest” for each generation.

And then Integration

Integrating this growth functions by all their generations results in the sum of all ever living humans.

Third Equal Ressource Distribution in Paradise

Let us assume the following Earth Ressources and that they are distributed equally under all heritors!

Ressource Dimension Measure Amount Percentage
Surface z z z z
Land z z z z
Sweetwater z z z z
Ocean z z z z
Volume z z z z
Earth z z z z
Air z z z z
Mass z z z z
Water z z z z
Sweetwater z z z z
z z z z z
z z z z z
z z z z z
z z z z z

Witness 1 One Million Years of Steady Evolution

average generational growth 0.06492%

integrate 2*(1+0.06492%)^g dg from 0 to 1000000/30

= 7653 billion humans since their supposed beginning.

Witness 2 100000 Years since Sudden Mutation from Apes

average generational growth 0.6494%

integrate 2*(1+0.6494/100)^g dg from 0 to 100000/30

= 725 billion humans ever since their supposed beginning.

Witness 3 Archeologist First Cities 10000 Years Ago

average generational growth 6.509%

integrate 2*(1+6.509/100)^g dg from 0 to 10000/30

= 43 billion humans ever since their creation.

Moses Genesis 1 to 7 6000 Years from Adam and Eve

average generational growth 10.87%

integrate 2*(1+10.87/100)^g dg from 0 to 6000/30

= 18 billion humans ever since their creation.

Moses Genesis 8 to 10 4400 Years from Noah and his Family

average generational growth 13.89%

integrate 8*(1+13.89/100)^g dg from 0 to 4400/30

= 12 billion humans ever since their second start after the deluge.

Greetings from Uwe Newton Leibniz Malthus!

Under ideal conditions, if all deserts and mountains including even the ice desert of Antarctica would become flourishing and fertile as promised by our supreme God and Legislator Jehovah by his prophets in the holy scriptures, and if all humans would share their heritage in love, justice and peace instead of injustice, unequality, war and greed, our planet Mother Earth should easily be able to bear us all, even 12, 18 or 20 billions!

But this could also mean, that their would not be much space for further growth after restoration of paradise and reawakening of all our dead.

Further more if we are soon ruled by King Christ’s Heavenly Government and Parliament of 144000 Ministers, each of them would be responsible for about 100 or 200 thousand citizens only!

And if they stay in office for thousand years, they could spend at least one whole day with each single citizen to become acquainted to all of us personally.

And if they do not need money or other ressources from us earthlings, because as spirits they can live and work self sufficient, they could do a much better job than all our earthen governments have ever done! They can govern us by love and justice before wisdom and power.

I trust our creator and supreme legislator and guarantor Jehovah and his prophet Moses more than all “united” Darwinists and Evolutionists!

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