Europe Capitals

Europe Capitals

1914+108-05-16, Third Monday of May 2022, Frankfurt, Uwe


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Which were the capitals of Europe cesars? And which of them will turn out as most legal and deserved?

Europe in Europe?

Paris in Europe?

-50, Vercingetorix, Alesia

Julius Cesar in Europe

Augustus in Europe, Augsburg?

Tiberius in Europe?

Nero in Europe?

Hadrian in Europe?

Konstantin in Europe?

Popes in or from Europe?

800, Charles Franka potente, Frankfurt or Aachen?



Antipopes in Europe, Avignon?

Friedrich Stauffer

Napoleon, Paris

Wilhelm 1 bis 2, Berlin

Adolf Hitler, Berlin

Europe Commission, Brussels

Europe Parliament, Strasbourg

Europe Central Bank, Frankfurt


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