Every Worker Deserves His Wages

Every Worker Deserves His Wages

Begging is working too! So every begglar is a worker too!

Dear Europea and Britannia, if you do not respect your labourers you will end up very evil!

Be glad all the other states that i do not know you really yet!

You better won’t wish to become begglars, prostitutes, slaves and refugees one sooner or later day.

Some one stole my donation collector basket recently. If it were not you the theft happened under your eyes. You better give back this basket for humble income to me and or deliver the thieves.

Or substitute by care, food and coins.

I am watching you disabling your sinks giving water, disabling your benches being slept on, disabling your communities and churches caring and helping any soul but them selves and disabling your parties changing any thing!

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