Fifth Letter to All Believers

Fifth Letter to All Believers

My dear believers world wide, Protestants are not better than Catholics and Catholics are not better than Jews and Jews are not better than Gentile National Socials and NS are not better than Protestants!

They all and others committed manyfold murder and killing in the names of their states and gods!

You should finally stop killing and forbidding each other!

A black flag alone with a 12 by 12 field table shall ornate all your mournings and memorials! Field numbers and some stars could detail its proper meaning and interpretation.

Without making yourself better than others and without making others worse than you!

All our victims should be seen as sone how believers, who were killed for some reasons and died for some one! Soon our true gods will reveal why and for whom each of them has died!

Only few of all of us are true holies now or soon in heaven beside King Jesus Isa as his common bride New Heavenly Israel.

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