First Letter to the Chinese

First Letter to the Chinese

Dear Chinese people and peoples, please divide your powers to improve justice and promote peace.

  • Chinese Communist Party
  • China Capitalist Communist Party CCCP
  • Democratic or Social Democratic Party

Otherwise the next revolution will hit you more severe than necessary!

No current state should dare to be as evil, totalitarian and unjust as described in some holy scriptures like the revelation to Saint John in advance!

Only the last remaining ten plus one super states during the big tribulation shortly before the restauration of paradise by the heavenly army Sabaoth should and will fullfill these worst prophecies. This worst case will come by demonic powers alone, it is not worth to support or enforce their evil efforts more than necessary!

Let us stay reasonable and make one step after the other! Do not try to found the ten plus one most evil super states by peace instead of war! Do not feed our beasts with our pearls!

They do not deserve it, neither they will thank us or appreciate our good will!

And do not make past or fallen states the most evil ever! More evil states are possible and fore seen by our prophets! Paradise is near, but the biggest tribulation of all times lies between!

The last ten plus one states on earth will turn out the most evil, no other state should strive for belonging to the last! These last states will receive the hardest and highest punishment for being specially cruel and unjust!

Let us all stay moderate until the next war when we will see clearly who deserves which punishment and heritage!

Let us share our powers as good and as long as possible. Total rulers and warfarers will come by their own will and responsibility at last!

This approaching time for totalitarianism of all kinds has not yet come!

We all should resist as long as possible and necessary and not enforce it!

Unity is a striving and appealing idea, but heavenly unity is more precious and preferable than it’s earthen counterpart!

Please let us all prefer the unity of our future Queen Heavenly new Israel over all our earthen states including the state of Israel!

If we do not obey this rule we risk eternal death penalty in community with the most evil souls at last! Do not fear them nor their death threatenings!

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