Flux Problem Global Flood

Flux Problem Global Flood

Moses tells us about the flood of Noah. In a short time the entire earth was flooded by the fountaims of skies and the earth.


In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven (sky) were opened.

How many water was additionally necessary to flood an actual eaerth with a medium land area and height and assuming a total height of 9000 meter to cover even Mount Everest?

How big must the sluices, gates and locks of the skies and the earth have been and how big was the average water influx, drain and outflux or outlet and how long did the water stand still between flooding and draining?

How strong was the rivers, water currents, streams or torrents for flooding and draining?

What are the average rain falls today?

What were are the average ground water ressources?

Today 22.6 million km^3?

What were and are the average steam ressouces in the airs or atmosphere?

Can laws of nature be changed by our gods?

How many water came from the ground and how many from the sky?

How did earth look like before the global flood?

Continental drift, tectonic plates and the establishment of mountains?

Growth of mountains?

What did the flood change?

Which mountain was the highest once?

Everest or Ararat?

If mountains are growing and shrinking, Noah could have had other and or much lower highest mountains about 4400 years ago!

Today the higest mountain is about 5.5 miles high, the mean globe radius is about 3959 miles, resulting in a global flood volume outer globe minus inner globe = 1.1 billion cubic miles

sphere volume = 4/3 pi r^3

r = cube root (3 volume/ 4 pi)

outer globe = 2.610×11 cube miles

inner globe = 2.599×11 cube miles

instream duration = 40 days

outstream duration = 150 days

Resulting in an acerage influx of about 8 million cibic meters per second and an average outflux of about 2 million cubic meters per second!

For comparison the flux or flow rate of the Rhine at his falls in Switzerland is between 95 an 1250 cubic meters per second.

While the average flow rate of the Niagara falls measures about 2400 cube meters per second.

While the average annual rainfall is about one meter and a cloudburst brings about 100 mm per hour.

Meaning that 1000 Niagara falls or 10000 Rhine falls would be enough to accomplish another global flood?!

Or 40 days of 81000 times stronger rainfall than average?

Or 40 days steady 90 times heavier cloudburst than normal.

Remember your impressive moments in your tent, car or other shelter during a common cloud rain and or hail burst.

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