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Founding Zsion Communities

Pro Pagan (Settlers, Peasants and Artisans

Pro Prostitutes, Slaves and Workers

Pro Samaris and Comforters

Pro Jehovah

Pro Zsion

Pro Christ

Pro Israel

Pro Antijehovah?

Pro Mother Earth

For Humanity

Pro Multi Party Inter Societies

For Unity And Individuality

Pro World Justice

Pro Peace

Pro Religious and Civil Freedom

Pro Basic or Fundamental Human Rights and Duties

For Additional Civil Rights and Duties

For all Religions and Beliefs

For Inter Social Policies

For the Central and Common Red String, Thread, Rope, Yarn, Line, Filament, Wire, Cord

For our (better) States and Laws

For Competition and World Trade

For better Work and Jobs

For our Future

For all Creation

For Equal Treatment and Taxation of all souls and communities

For steady improvement of our lifes

Contra Class Struggle, Greed and Envy

For World Reformation and World Peace also World Prostitution and even World Revolution and or World War if inevitable and necessary to enable our gods to restore Paradise lost (shalom, salam aleikum ao hurub)

Protection and Security for all our souls, youth, minors and communities in the borders of the laws of our states.

Good health and welfare.

For All (Inter) Social Parties

For Private and Common Property

For Inter State Police


have no personal or subordinate gods. The great spirit Manitou and the godess Mother Earth are pagan gods par excellence.


can be slaves and or comforters.

Healers, Therapists and Medicins

can be Comforters.

Many Politicians

are pagans if they have human gods.

Many Christians

are rather pagan than christian, if they worship rather Christ Jesus or other mansons or an anonymous lord or god than the highest and personal Jehovah.

Many Jacobines

are rather pagan than jacobine, if they have no personal Jehovah.

Many Muslims

are rather pagan than musli, if they prefer Mohammed and or his Coran over Jehovah, Zsion, Christ Isa, Queen New Heavenly Israel and Mother Earth.

Antijehovists and Satanists

are pagan too. They worship the subordinate second mighty god and spirit Antijehovah. Antijehovah will be the second mighty soul only as long as iur patient Jehovah tolerates him. He is very mighty, but cannot do anything against Jehovahs will. And Jehovah lets him do many things until his punishment. We should better respect both of them and never believe, that we are more powerful than they.

Trade Unionists

can be

  • workers
  • rather jacobine soldiers for their enterprises or branches
  • (christian) refotmators

Technicians, Engineers and Inventers

are rather (jacobine) strategists and or (christian) reformators.

Traders, Managers and Entrepreneurs

are rather (jacobine) strategists.

Police People and Guards

are rather (jacobine) judges. They can be slaves and or soldiers of their states or politicians too.

Experts, Specialists, Philosophers, Scientists and Administrators

have big minds, but rather small hearts, emotions and souls.


can be parental caring comforters and or rather cool and wise judges, soldiers or reformators.

Mother Earth

Our home planet Earth can be seen as a big spirit that can be very inspiring and adventurous for example on a promenade, excursion or holiday. This is why we like to travel, camp and pilgrim too.

Adam was generated by Mother Earth or some soil of her and another big spirit, Jehovah or Michael, and came to birth out of her soil womb. This is why the female womb smells like soil or fish or mushroom or fruit (or rather like urine if she has lost her ovaries). I like it.

And if we die, most of us return some how to the sea or soil womb of this our Mother Earth again to let her recycle our bodies. Our soul or spirit returns to Jehovah, where he keeps it safe in his loins or his mind or memory until our ressurrection in paradise for a second life hopefully without death.

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