Fourth Letter to Jehovahs Witnesses

Fourth Letter to Jehovahs Witnesses

If you do not accept a single of my words as true and inspired by our good spirits, I will put a spell on you and i will beg my gods including Jehovah to put their spell on you!

Stop substituting the KZ state thy kingdom MY daughter your Mother Zsion as in heavens so on earth by inferiour Watchtower Societies and other guards.

Concentrate your powers and talents under one community Jehovahs Witnesses registered equally all over our Mother Earth as or States who will not register you, can be acred under ground. Or do you really prefer to stay any arbitrary organ of any arbitrary god and state?

If you do not accept my mother Jehovahs firstborn daughter the KZ state Kingdom Zsion, you will not gain any heritage in that kingdom!

Heal Harry Hail!

If you witnesses insist on being the true and only true religion or clan of the Heavenly New Israel with twelve tribes and only (in)heritor of the heavenly nation or government under the presidency of our Christ and Jehovahs Kingdom Mother Zsion, you will end up in prison and brothel.

At the moment I can see good souls in most of our communities, who deserve regaining our lost paradise either by surviving the threatening tribulation or by being reawakened after a short time of death. So every community may be part of one of the twelve tribes of the New Heavenly Israel as family, clan or even a whole people, even our present earthen state communities some how i hope.

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