Global Earth Survey

Global Earth Survey

deutsch: Globale Erd Vermessung

1 Approximation of a Sphere

by platonic solids

  • tetrahedron with 4 faces
  • cube with 6 faces
  • octahedron with 8 faces
  • dodecahedron with 12 faces
  • Icosahedron with 20 faces

to get smaller views and surveillance regions.

2 Tiling or Packing the Surface with Circles


  • corona virus
  • pollen
  • artworks like “The Rise” in Belfast
  • Ernst Haeckel, 1862, Die Radiolarien
  • urchins, deutsch seeigel

Es kommt also darauf an, eine ausreichende zahl von messpunkten so auf einer kugel zu verteilen, dass jeder abstand zu den nachbarn annähernd gleich groß ist.

The number of points determines the possible accuracy of the resulting model of our Earth.

With these measure points we can now construct a surface profile of our or any other planet.

3 Algorithm

  1. Chose the number of measure points needed.
  2. Start with one arbitrary points.
  1. Estimate the distance between all points.
  1. Draw a circle with the estimated distance as radius around the first point.
  2. place the second point in arbitrary direction on the first circle.
  3. Draw a circle with the given radius around the new point.
  4. Place new points on all new intersections of the circles. Clock or counter clock wise in increasing distance from the start point. Like a spiral? Surrounding circles with increasing size?
  5. goto step 5 and continue or repeat steps 5 to 7 until their is no space left on the sphere for further points or until their is too much space left after all available points are set.
  6. Chose the result as acceptable or variate the distance and or number of points and start again by step 1 or 2 until the result and accuracy is like desired.

4 Finding peaks and holes

This means finding maxima and minima relative to all their neighbours in the surface profile model.

5 Finding ridges and valleys

Finding the ridges between all peaks and the valleys or ditches between all depths.

6 Count

Count the distribution of each height or depth. This could be done by statistical analysis of the color pixels on color coded land altitudes and ocean depths on maps and globes too.

7 Calculate

Calculate the average heights of each land, peninsula or island and depths of each ocean, bay or lake.

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