Good or bad?

The most highest judge, statute and law giver will decide, whom and what he likes and dislikes, whom and what he loves and hates, finally.

Whatever you do, please ask him for advice first and do not make your own laws like our ancestors Adam and Eve.

But be aware. that only few of us can be complete holy as the 12000 early christians of our first roman calendar century. We cannot be and do not have to be perfect, but we should try our best.

Allah Jehovah hat in der Vergangenheit mehrmals seine Gesetze geändert. Er kann und darf auch in der Gegenwart und in Zukunft unsere Gesetze und Gebote nach seinem Belieben an unsere Bedürfnisse nach Liebe, Wahrheit, Gerechtigkeit, Frieden und Glück anpassen.

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