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Like souls communities too can be degraded or upgraded by our Lords.

Jehovah can upgrade clans to peoples, but also degrade tribes to peoples or clans!

Dan and Ephraim will likely be degraded to peoples!

Many big religious, political and cultural communities and clans could be upgraded to peoples easily!

The Corporate Identities of some enterprises, religions and parties give a good hint, how this could look like in our future!

  • We could have
    1. 17 tribes
      Thousands of peoplen
      Millions of clans and families
      20 or 30 Billions of souls

    on our planet Mother Earth soon.

    If only

    • Every soul wishes only what he needs
    • Every soul gets what he needs

    Our Mother Earth


    • 6370 km or 3958 mi radius
    • 4 pi r square = 536 million square km or 196 million square mi surface area
    • from this 30 percent land = 160 million square km or 59 million square mi
    <li>resulting in about 8000 square meter = 8750 square yards for each of 20 billion souls!</li>
    <li>Enough for houses, animals, forests, meadows, ponds and acres.</li>

    Plus eternal time

  • for 100 year long world pilgrimages and much more!
  • Plus best possible community and company

  • with friends, family, clan, people, tribe and neighbours!
  • Who needs more?

  • We thank and praise our Creator, Father, Allah, God, Lord and Friend Jehovah for this great Outlook!

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