Heavenly Judgement Britannia Europea

Heavenly Judgement Britannia Europea

One of the symbols of the super state European Union are the 12 stars of the heavenly Israel.

So the most important question for judging between Britannia and Europea would probably be:

Is there some truth behind the European Israel like symbol or is it the biggest lie of history may be not from the very beginning but soon after?

How many and which Israel tribes do Europea and Britannia really own or host, respect and or support?


Has Britannia joined and tries to exit now for her own sake only?


I hve made the experience that since i have discovered all of the 12 tribes of our New Heavenly Israel both super powers are contradicting me!

So neither Eoropea nor Britannia can have them all.

If this is true i would regard Britannia threatening her enemies cross crucifying them more honest than the European claim to be part or supporter if Israel!

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