Hitler’s Pride and Grandeur Delusions

Hitler’s Pride and Grandeur Delusions

As born Austrian he wanted more

  • Deutschland
  • the deutsch people and peoples
  • the slavic Nemetz: Ostpreußen, Volgograd or Stalingrad and the Balkans
  • the Ottonic Greece
  • the Almans
  • Imperial Rome
  • the Germans
  • as invented by some ealier scholars never existing Indogerman, the Arians and their Swastika, Persia, India and Asia
  • as Linzer the Austrians
  • as Brunswicker the Prussians
  • as wrong Christ or Messiah Israel, the Jews and other believers dead or alive?

Maybe he deserved more than average, but obviously not half or whole of the world!

He desired too much and thought higher than necessary and healthy!

But maybe he got what he wanted the most: May be he was the most powerful, cruel and evil earthling of his time for short one or two years of global history.

But he died in his bunker in resistance against his rival world powers, who divided our world in two big blocks of Russia against America and Britannia. Hitler’s kingdom became divided first into four parts then two like the kingdom of Alexander the Great of Greece 2300 years ago. And Deutschland was beheaded four years under foreign allied military rule without own government.

Not only the Deutschlander must decide today, which way they want to take into war and paradise!

  • looking back
  • looking forward
  • ancient Germanic
  • charlistic imperial Deutsch
  • alemanic switzerlandic well armed and defensive
  • militaristic and offensive
  • ?

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