• Homeless?

  • They want refugees and shelter less souls to confess homeless because
    • they want to prevent us from recognizing, appreciating and defending our homes
    • they want us looking for another home
    • they do not want to admit, that their state is generally not better than others, persecuting and disadvantaging parts of their souls and communities
    • they do not like our holies, many of whom they have killed
    • they want us away from the streets, out of their views, not being reminded to their errors, mistakes and crimes, that made parts of us refugees
    • they want to guard and control us in their favorite shelters
    • they want to force us into their favorite communities
    • they want to converse our beliefs and faith and integrate us into their well known favorite communities
    • hinder us founding our own may be better communities
    • they like to have us as plants and trees without roots to sell and deport us easily
    • they do not want to build guarded and restricted refuge cities for all those who are no longer able or willing to serve their insufficient and injust states. Many could survive the next world war and the downfall of all earthen states in these refuges and in the wilderness.
    • These fascistoid sky scraper babylonians want us back in our egyptian villages with lots of beer but traditinal outdated wrong communities and family slavery.
    • they want us to be responsible for our states too and pay for their crimes in the name of their states.
    • they want the dead, weak and poor being responsible for their states and deeds
    • they want others to pay for their peace and welfare
    • they are wrong, bad and evil and try making us the same to hinder us proving them wrong, bad and evil
    • they want us loose self respect to poison us more easily by ourselves
    • they want us loose self control to threaten and harm each other

    Paradise Yet?

    Until now paradise is not restored, nowhwere on our whole earth.

    Last year an american paradise burnt down with hundreds of victims.

    No earthen state was or is able to treat all his souls and communities just and equal before her laws. And no earthen state will ever be able.

    Only a heavenly government can rule us self sufficient in love, justice and truth!

    Who are they?

    Probably they are best described by establishment.

    They can have any name and come in any appearance. In America the capitalist democrats and republicans, in China the Communists, in Deutschland the christian democrats …

    Who ever wants to take over their power and states will not make it much better! This seems to be a principle of earthen human power.

    They are all empowered by Antijehovah by at least one act of wrong worship of breaking Jehovahs laws, who want humans to rule over the plants, animals, lands and waters on earth but not other humans. Secondly Jehovah wants us respecting his laws and supreme legislator and not making our own.

    The best possible for us is therefore to beg them steadily for just treatment and improvement of our laws and administration and resist their egoisms as good and as long as possible

    Judgement Day

    <li>The judgement day has begun 1914 and all our sentences are near.</li>
      surviving into paradise as many as possible and as few as necessary
    • first sentence to first death by no or without hand
    • first sentence to first death by human own or other hand by human justice, war, crime or suicide
    • first sentence to death by angels’ hand
    • The second sentence to second or eternal death would be the worst!

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