How to Substitute Our Victim’s Loss of Love

How to Substitute Our Victim’s Loss of Love

Since we cannot rebuy any lost love or organ, we only can substitute a loved one or an useful organ either by

  • property of own slaves
  • enough money for servants and prostitutes
    making them part of our own, our states’ or comunities’ slaves. This stays a crime against humanity as long slavery and human trafficking are official forbidden. Please remember the endings of Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichmann.
    inferiour qualities like power, wealth, honor, addictions to alcohol and other drugs, which cannot ever really satisfy like love

So Abraham Lincoln was wrong to abolish only the private slavery but keeping the slavery of our states and communities.

I recommend either to

  • abolish every kind of slavery, which is very unlikely to be possible, we would have to close all prisons, hospitals and cemeteries too
  • to allow private slavery again, but only with inter state basic human rights for all of our slaves, civil rights only for full and “free” citizens

I was shown on TV that the American slaves could have their own families and households. Many of them had better lives than the slaves of our days.

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