Inquisition Annet Negesa

Inquisition Annet Negesa

Wha i was told she had two internal testicles, so that her teststerone level became too high for olympic female competition. She decided to remove her testicles. What the hell is she now? Has she ever ben a real female or was she originally born a less abled male?


What about her other organs?

Does she have ovaries too?

Does she have an internal penis, an external vagina or an natural vagina or none of them?

What abot her chromosomes?

Does she have XX or XY chromosomes?

What about her clit or glans?

Final Question

Was she born male, female or euniche?

If there are real intersex humans deutsch zwitter, what the fuck are their chromosomes?


  • Lessabled males and females better compete on Paralymics or we could rename paralympics into less ability olympics!? Eunuchs are less abled too of course!
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