Investigation JK

Is there any connection between

  1. The Evangelic Methodist Church clan
  2. The Schweitzer clan
  3. Some Götze or Goetze clan
  4. Some Mensching clan
  5. Some Deutschbein clan
  6. The Kiemle clan
  7. The Adolf Eichmann clan
  8. The Jehovahs Witnesses clan
  9. The Bernard Kouchner or some other doctors without frontiers clan
  10. The Eberhard and Esther Grauer clan with their 15 children and many friends, many of them have connections to the state of Israel and Jewish communities
  11. Jens Kimmerle and clan, recent son in law of my former brother Andreas and “best” friend in my house
  12. The Jared Kushner and his clan, real estate shark, son in law of Donald Trump, publisher of The New York Observer and important USA opinion maker, Senior Adviser of US President Donald Trump and personal friend of Benjamin Netanjahu and of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, who seems to be responsible for the murder of Jamal Khashogi. 2013 he bought the Watchtower Central of Jehovahs Witnesses in Brooklyn and 666 th Fifth Avenue Tishman Speyer Tower between 52 nd and 53 rd Street in 2007. 2017 he was involved into a $ 110 billion sale of arms to the Saudis. He also tried to influence the president election by sending emails to millions of bought adresses and looking for the help from Russians.
  13. Jamal Khashoggi and clan, murdered 2018 in the Arabian embassy in Turkey
  14. Weapon dealer Adnan Khashoggis clan
  1. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia’s clan
  2. The Donald Trump clan
  3. The Netanjahu clan
  4. Some Turkish Erdogan clans
  5. Some Russian Putin clans
  6. Der Tübinger Telekom Shop leiter Blessner oder Blessing ist mir gegenüber extrem feindseelig. Warum? Ein anderer Blessing wurde geboren als Leichsenring und im Stuttgarter raum betreiben evangelische Methodisten einen “christlichen” buchladen “blessings4you” in telekom farbe.
  7. The Thai Jonny K
  8. Uwe Leichsenring
  9. Ermyas Mulugeta
  10. Meine afrikanischen freunde von 1987 und 1988? Da waren unter andeten auch ein arbeiter Johnny aus dem ehemaligen Äthiopien und ein räuber Mahdi aus Ghambia und ein politischer tier arzt Tokari aus Moskau geboren im Tschad dabei.

Did one or some of them kill one or more missing links to our heavens?

What happened to their bodies?

See what might have happened to Jamal Khashoggi.

Apostle John claims, that there will be 144000 holies as ministers and ministresses in the heavenly parliament New Israel at the side of Michael Jesus Isa as his bride our Queen Israel caring for us remaining on earth. Maybe we can forgive you, but we have the right to know who could be because of us, with and for us up in our heavens, each hojy responsible for about 100000 or 200000 earthlings. Who are the missing links?

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