Islander Home Legion

Islander Home Defence Legion

We could found an own social demoscratic Islander or Irlander Home Defence Legion for defending our home and homes!

To gether we could spend some years of unity, freedom, peace … and enjoy it with our dears out town in the landscapes and wildernesses preparing World War 3 and the offences and trespasses of the future world powers.

Becoming soldiers, pioneers, ambulances and paramilitaries and build atlantic and maritime walls, bunkers, tunnels, trenches, fortresses, flaks and rocket batteries, defending our home and homes by sea, submarine, land, air and space!

Greetings from and for the Townsend Street.

Greetings for and from the next big D Day!

Living in tents and barracks like Robin Hood and his men and women?!

Our big personal judgement day shall and will come!

We must prevent our enemies

  • to approach and reach our coasts over and under the water
  • to enter our coasts
  • to fly over our heads
  • and to threaten us from space

Best possible defence in hierarchical echelons and concentrical defence lines!


Suffer, Resist and Comfort Each Other – Defend and Protect – Strike Back – Rescue, Retreat and Hide – Care, Nurse, Bury and Survive!

Volunteers Wanted!!!!

soldiers, pioneers, angels, scouts and guards

samarites, nurses, paramedics and equal prostitutes

Prisoners, slaves and workers, more prostitutes

settlers, farmers, craftsmen, artists, entertainer, musicians, architects, technicians and engineers

judges, solicitors, administrators, teachers, healers, politicians, priestesses, recruiters, custodians and doctors

last not least believers of all kind:

  • gentile
  • jacobine
  • christian
  • muslim

We can

We can live modest and moderate, die in community and dignity and keep hope for a second chance by being reawakened or even survive into paradise regained and restored!

Our biggest enemies, the world powers and Antijehovah fear and hate us!

By the way: I would prefer Britannia as last conqueror and downfall of Irland. Our island Irland and her peoples seem to me rather british than european or american! But they shall not get us without fighting!

At least whoever will conquer it, he will mot enjoy it long. His downfall will come soon after, too!

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