1. Communities may exclude single souls or sub communities who have become bad for the majority.
  1. Single souls or sub communities may leave a communiity and stay separate, if that community has become wrong for them!
  2. A community may divide and separate opponent inside parties to regain or maintain her inner peace!

The EU does not respect my religious freedom! They committed too many crimes against humanity, doubled my debts, halvened my income and put me under wrong religious or political custodianship without need! Ireland must leave the EU!

The uk does not acknowledge me a refugee, a day labourer or a beggar and does not give me the right medicine. It is a bad and evil and wrong state like the EU. If they were not as bad from their beginning but now they have turned out and found to be bad!

Power corrupts!

Northern Irland must leave the uk! Or the UK has to send or invite me to another state! With sufficient means and provisions of course.

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