Our Christ’s Confession

Our Christ’s Confession

Jesus confessed the sun, the former king, the way and the truth, but he did not cofess to be christian or even the first christian!

Also the first christian community or church was not founded by himself but by the holy spirit at the first or fourth? pentecoast after his death, reawakening and ascension.

This is one more evidence that it is not necessary for every soul to confess being christian. It is more important to confess our Christ himself and accept him as our future king in thy kingdom cone as in heaven so on earth!

The christians could share the christ by making all of their songs singable by as many believers as possible, gentiles, jacobines, christians and muslims. Instad of offensively preaching christianity, what has made sense until 1914, when the Christ’s heavenly government was established, but not any longer. If some of their witnesses become convinced to become christians the better for them but please voluntarily not by force, violence and intimidation.

Christians AND other believers can show and share the 12 doors and pearls to the heavenly Israel and Jerusalem.

And we should share the 15 laws of christian love! I found 15 of them in the christian bible. Some of them are identical to the laws of Moses to the israelites. Of course we can dispute about their number, order and content.

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