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Petition 069 Ireland

I would renounce my heritage from my parents in Deutschland, if

  1. Northern Ireland gives up British support.
  2. Britain gives up Northern Ireland.
  3. The Republic of Ireland gives up European advantages.
  4. Europe gives up influence on Ireland.
  5. Both Irelands will get their own independent state or federate or unite into one Irish state.
  6. Trade Agreements with Britain and Europe can then be negotiated separately and Britain can exit the European Union without too many contradictions.
  7. I would even like more or all states exit this sanctimonious and hypocritical European Union. But every state shall decide by herself.

This looks like a Solomonic sentence, all parties give up some of their advantages to the benefit of all islanders world wide.

If necessary you can invite or send me to any place you like. The Independence and or unity of all islanders is more important for me, than my promised heritage in Deutschland. The religious unity of our superior Father Jehovahs, his daughter our Mother Zions, their son our King Isas and his bride our Queen Israels believers is more worth than the political union of their states and government nations.

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