Pictures can show almost every imaginable or visible body and thing.

Especially in the internet you can steal many pictures.

In the internet you do not know many persons personally. We can register almost everywhere under almost every name. Many of us have good reasons not to register under the official name. But if somebody tries to stay anonymous even while witnessing by chatting or talking, we better do not trust him too much.

They could show you pictures from or with other peoples as theirs. Be careful everybody. Do not trust every thought and feeling. Do not judge anybody before proving your informations. Only Jehovah knows 100 percent truth. But there are enough possibilities to improve the probability of good and just judgements. Our best proofs are our witnesses, because they wear responsibility for their informations. The more witnesses you can get the better is the probability, that you can trust, what they tell. But this is no guarantee. Even all your witnesses could be corrupted by somebody.

It is up to each of us to interpret all given information and find the invisible truth behind every picture.

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