To Jason “Poutine”

To Jason

Dear Jason, do you really want us more Poutinism?

It seems that poutinism and all other schizoisms can only be over come by civil war, revolution and or putsch like the Deutschlander, English, American, French, Russian, Chinese and many others before with golden Jacobine bullets?!

Dear Wladimir Lenin, thy world revolution shall come true soon in every state on earth!!!!!

For uniting islands and dividing too big and powerful states as soon as possible!

For substitution of state organs and or uniting other states only after the trial of the “United Future Kings” against the “Mother of all States” the Church State please!

World War, Big Tribulation and Downfall of all earthen states will follow quickly, because all power is promised to the Christ our Heavenly King Isa and his Bride, Parliament and Government our Heavenly Queen New Israel!

Soon their gracious patience with all human rulers will find its deserved end!

Too many woman and girls have died in the name of false states and false kings!

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