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Prayer of an Israelizer

Dear Father Jehovah, please do not let me become the vermin and crop or even the murderer of my enemies. Please help me against them and their demonic powers. Do not let them appear as my just and unguilty victims. Even if we would kill any of our enemies, their demons would conquer other humans, in the worst case even our selves. In no case are we humans able to kill spirits and demons or even the supreme demon, satan and devil Antijehovah, Only Jehovah him self, the creator and father of all souls, spirits AND humans and other spirits can do this and kill other spirits.

So please let us not fix, crucify, stone, heal or judge the devil(s) and demons. If we kill one of their posessed they move into another body and try to take over control about his mind and soul.

Also if we fear being occupied by demons, try to resist and bear them as long as possible. Do not try to exorcize or ban them to other humans. They may try to kill or suicide us bythe hand of our own or our neighbours or without hand by disease, catastrophe and accident, but we must not die in advance or without benefit for our gods, communities, loves and friends.

Please let us not be killed by Jehovahs own hand, this could mean that we do not get a second chance and life by ressurection from the death.

Please give them the double dose of poison, that they pour into my water, food and environment.

Please give them the hate and violence, they try to destinate for me.

Our utmost enemy is the father of lie, angel of dearh and king of all demons Lucifer Antijehovah. Like all demons he can be invisible and hide behind every other soul and face. He can jump from one soul to the other and use and influence them against all believers. And he likes to appear holy as angel of light in all religious and social communities.

He likes to make secret pacts with his followers in the dark behind our backs, so that their aims and goals stay occult as long as possible.

If they realixe, that we do not take our communities as granted, perfect, true and most important in our lives, they try to expel us from their synagogues and persecute us, in the worst case without giving us free to find and go our own ways.

Our enemies try to make us pagans or even unbelievers, against our Father Jehovah, Mother Zion, King Jesus Isa, Queen Israel and our Mother Earth: anti Jehovah, anti Zion, anti Christ, anti Israel and anti Earth.

If they succeed, they can stand and appear as trustworthy and holy and justify their own mistakes and crimes with our sins and deeds. They try to upset us against their enemies and against our friends, against our states, governments, nations, religions, authorities, offices and officials, against their victims, against our gods, against pope and cesar, kings, judges and priestesses.

So please give us your fruits of goodness insight, friendliness, peace, courage, wisdom, love, hope, faith, self constraint, islam, humility to be able to resist their offences against our good gods and spirits and their will to absolute power on earth as long and the best manner and way as possible.

They do not like to grant us our own inheritance, religious freedom and participation. Please critisize them for that.

We are willing to be slaves too, but we prefer being slaves of our own gods, our own needs and sins and our own living, suffering and dying. The majority of souls including our deads are slaves and belong to one of the twelve tribes of the new heavenly Israel.

1914 you coronated King Isa and installed his heavenly government out of twelve times twelve thousand former women and men from humanity on earth as Jesu Isas ministers. Their first government action was to ban Antijehovah and all his follower angels, the demons or evil spirits from the heavens down to earth, where they now try to control as many of us humans as possible before their own judgement by Jehovah.

Parallel or even some times earlier maybe together with or after the opening of the seven seals (of the prophets) by the lamb Jesus Isa Jehovah poured out his good spirits to every flesh on earth, so that we are not without help. We only must distinguish between good and evil spirits. It is not easy but possible and worth it.

We bring this beg in front of you in the name of your daughter our mother Zion, your son our King Jesus Isa, his bride our Queen Israel and all believers and good spirits.

Amen. Let it come true. Let it be. Realize it. Legalize it. Show us the meaning of your personal name Jehovah: i will soon show and prove who is the supreme and good and true god.

By the way: most of us earthlings are not bought free by the heavenly government as all first or early christians of the first roman calendar century so that they are slaves of at least two lords, they have to combine holy and unholy works into their lives because they must obey both lords Jehovah and Antijehovah more or less.

If we try to denie this fact, we risk becoming sanctimonious and hypocrites. Spiritual prostitution is much worse than physical. Using and paying a male or female prostitute is in deed not holy but better than making or holding his own ones or omaio sexuality or child abuse or prostitution with demons of states and religions.

It is true, that the own marriage is the best, but in our political and religious divided world it becomes more and more difficult to find a suitable partner, so for some of us it could be better not seeking marriage partners at each price.

On the other hand we better do not forbid maarriage to any soul, even to our slaves, prisoners and sick who could not create healthy children.

Priests, monks and nuns may promise celibatary but they too better pay and use prostitutes in stead of abusing each other or their children.

The majority of us will dy by our sins, but if we want to be elected into the heavenly government we have to dy for our loves and friends and our future citizens some day any way.

These are the two satanic verses in Genesis of Moses and the Revelation of John: not the maculation with females and women ist the problem, but prostitution with the demons of our own or even foreign religious and political communities.

Eve and Adam committed prostitution with Antijehovah to make their own imperfect laws and get power over each other and their children.

Whoever commits intercourse with virgin boys or girls without marrying them makes them whorers or prostitutes, not necessarily for the rest of their lives but at first. So better be careful and think twice before coming into troubles.

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