Qualities of Sexual Satisfaction

  1. In dreams with or without accidential orgasm or ejaculation.
  2. In a marriage under benediction of the supreme god.
  3. In marriage under benediction of any inferior god.
  4. In a common household with some kind of mutual security and habit, cohabitation with little or no mutual responsibility.
  5. Occasionally or regulariy with some more or less obvious prostitutes in a brothel or else where.
  6. Self satisfaction with imagination
  7. Self satisfaction with some kind of pornografic inspiration or stimulation.
  8. Intercourse with things, sticks and holes.
  9. Perverted intercourse with omaio sexuals, eunuchs, transsexuals or by genital abuse. (eunuchs and transsexuals may have mutual sex without consideration of sex or gender, they may even marriage).
  10. Intercourse with spectators.
  11. Intercourse with more than one soul, with communities.
  12. Intercourse in public.
  13. Intercourse for pornography.
  14. Seduction of virgins.
  15. Inercourse with children or wards or without mutual agreement or by violence or extortion.
  16. Intercourse with ones father and or mother, ones children or with other near relatives (incest).
  17. With some one belonging other souls or communities, adultery, breaking one’s own and or other marriages.
  18. With animals.
  19. Prostitution with the elder men of one’s community (so called gang bang).
  20. With demons or even
  21. With the supreme demon Antijehovah.

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