Ready for Titanic?!

Are we Ready for Our Coming Titanic Super States?!

I have the invitation and my boarding pass.

Please follow me!

Let us make the best possible out of it! Out of the coming sinking, decline and downfall of all our states! Facing thy future kingdom Zsion as in heavens so on earth!

1914 the establishment of the heavenly government and nation NEW HEAVENLY ISRAEL is the beginning of the JUDGEMENT “DAY” and their promised take over of all earthen powers.

Our judges Jehovah and King Jesus want to know, who of us earthlings deserves which payment and heritage:

  • surviving into paradise on Earth restored?
  • reawakening into paradise after preliminary death?
  • call into the heavenly government and parliament suddenly after death?
  • eternal death for the worst and most evil resistors against this heavenly rule of this coming state and church Kingdom Zsion?

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