Return of my Baggage

Return of my Baggage from Tel Aviv via Paris and Stuttgart to Berlin

Including a gift parcel returning from Africa via Stuttgart.

I got this receipt to collect my parcel at the near post office on Tuesday morning 14 April 2020 and collected it the following day Wednesday late morning.

Since Tel Aviv Airport Immigration Authorities seized and sent it back to Paris by the wrong flight in November 2019 i was missing this baggage!

At first glance nothing important seems to have been vanished or damaged.

My sandwiches were totally rotten after four and a half months of course.

Four Panasonic eneloop NiMH batteries did not charge any more.

The parcel to Africa returned officially because having contained 2 batteries?! Inside the calculator or the mobile phone!?

And there was no wine inside at all!

I do not remember, where i left my dark green pillow.

And i was forced to buy a second radio and a second battery charger at least because of much the too long waiting time.

My Samsung Galaxy J3 is still working but i was not able to install a new firmware Android system! I tried it many times and always got two times the two error messages:

  1. E footer wrong
  2. E s? failed

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