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Second Letter to Ashiq Masih und Asia Bibi

You better stay in Pakistan together with your whole family as native citizens. It is not easy to reach equality in another state. If your faith is just and serious, you will be persecuted every where, paradise is not yet regained, not even in the USA. Maybe you move to another part of your big country, maybe to Lahore or to Kashmir, where the Apostle Ahmed is buried in Shrinagar. Please try to find out, which of Jesu Apostles went to Kashmir and died as Ahmed 1900 years ago?! The Ahmadis believe it was Jesus himself, but i could imagine one of his apostles too! Greetings, your Uwe. Please make the best of the rest of your lives. Maybe you can invite somebody helping you in Asia?

I need help too. You could invite me to Pakistan or visit me in germany.

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