Second Letter to Sinn Fein

Second Letter to Sinn Fein

My dear politcians,

are you reakky want to hinder the britannia exit?

You better leave the EU too, if you want an Irish Union!

Or do you simply not want to share your Ireland with other parties?!

If this is the case, you risk not only loosing some thing by sharing but losing even all by losing the then threatening new civil war between either the irish states or by their parties and or paramilitaries.

And whoever wins this war, his victory will not last long.

Sooner or later one or several world powers will reconquer all lost islands and countries.

Geographically, Irland belongs rather to the Btitish Islands than to America or even Europe.

And cultural the Irish are closer to Britannis, than to any other civilisation.

So i would grant it to Britannia after the upcoming world war three between ALL “kingdoms” and “kings”.

It would be only for a short while of the big tribulation before the downfall of the remaining world powers and the restoration of paradise lost by Adam and Eve.

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