Second Letter to the Salvation Army

Second Letter to the Salvation Army

Thank you for few water instead of gallons of milk, some coffee and asking me for my convictions in the middle of the night.

By the way i was indeed committed some crime and was in prison and psychiatry, but i was not convicted at all, because i submitted to our supreme god and lord. My judges sentenced me to medical treatment in a hospital instead.

What are your convictions?

Notorious Sanctimonious Christianism?

Or Red Army Fractionism?

There should be no convictions at all. Only our judges should be informed our cv in every new case, so by repetition of crime we could and should be punished harder or different. Of course once a criminal the risk of repetition could be higher, but if we remember their convictions at every occasion it will not become easier for them and we self risk committing the sin of prejudicing our neighbours.

Ar the end we are all sinners by heritage of Eve and Adam some how more or less!

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