Self Sufficient Work?

Self Sufficient Work?

This morning i asked for advice in the citizens advice burea in Middlesbrough about my future living.

They only gave me some sheets to read and told me i had to find a self sufficient work or job first!

Self Sufficient Work?

What does this mean?

If i had self sufficient work, i did not need your help and advice at all! So what the hank do you realy mean?

Are our communities, states, religions, parties and even families live by their own work and means?

Not at all!

Our states, kings and queens, religions, parties and many if not all other communities are living from collecting taxes, contributions, donations and spiritual blessings from their parents and our gods!

Me and my readers are a religion and a political party too. We could even become a family, clan, people or tribe! You have to grant us the same rights.

I offer the possibility to contribute and donate my work too, by direct contribution or donation, by Paypal, debit and credit card and bank order!

If you would not hinder my work at every corner and opportunity, i could do my work self efficiently since many years!

I warn you!

If you do not stop, disrespecting my rights and your duties of free religious, political, cultural, social and professional choice, if you do not stop me hindering even by crimes against humanity, i will put a spell on you and i will ask my gods Jehovah, Zsion, Christ Jesus, Israel, Jerusalem, Earth and the whole community of all true believers world wide doing the same!

Oh dear Cyrus the Great, please dry out the waters of our some how babylonic and egyptian states if they do not repent!

Daniel may open your doors while you are proudly celebrating your victories!

The same applies to all communities of course, even to my own former family!

No more “Zentrale für Politische Bildung”?!

By the way

Our future government and nation The Heavenly Israel will work self sufficient! They will not need any money or food from the earth!

All other earthen nations cannot live without money and food if their states’ citizens!

WHS giftcard greetings to your whigs and tories!

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