Slavery Reform

Slavery and slave marketing is a undenyable fact and reality. Abraham Lincoln only abolished the private slavery not the slavery by states and religions.

Since its early introduction our world is full of slaves:

  • prisoners
  • patients
  • addicted
  • prostitutes
  • gamblers
  • greedy
  • needy
  • criminals
  • sinners
  • many workers
  • wounded
  • less abled
  • even the dead

We should divide the human rights into slave rights and civil rights for citizens.

Many private persons and communities could be better and more human slave holders than our states and religions.

It is obvious that no soul likes to take care of and responsibility for his slaves, as long they are granted the full rights of other citizens.

Dear slaves, please do not insist on the full rights of the free and citizens, but urge for seperate and best possible inter state slave rights.

The states and religions shall be taken the advantage to be voted by their dependant slaves in political elections and the slaves shall be taken the political responsibility for their slave holders. Both measures will promote world wide peace and satisfaction.

Children could stay the slaves of their parents or tutors until maturity. And some wives could be the slaves of their men as some men could become the slaves of their wives. Many slaves could have a wive and children as it was usual in the southern states of American before the slave and slavery prohibition.

Who wants to be a slave without a responsible holder?

Or who wants to be responsible for others or even strangers without having advantage or benefit?

Or which free citizen wants to bear responsibility for the slaves of others?

Even the greek inventors and initiators of democracy had a three classes society:

  • the governing nation or demos
  • the free or citizens or laos, plethos or ethnos?
  • the slaves

Slaves must not necessarily be treated like animals or objects, they deserve some kind of human treatment with limited rights.

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