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  1. adjective relating to or denoting the Slavic language family.
  2. relating to or denoting Slavic people.
  3. noun the Slavic language family. See also Church Slavonic.
  4. ORIGIN early 17th century: from medieval Latin S(c)lavonicus, from S(c)lavonia ‘country of the Slavs’, from Sclavus
  5. see Slav

Church Slavonic

  1. noun the liturgical language used in the Orthodox Church in Russia, Serbia, and some other countries.

Old Church Slavonic

  1. noun the oldest recorded Slavic language, as used by the apostles Cyril and Methodius and surviving in texts from the 9th–12th centuries.
  2. It is related particularly to the South Slavic languages.
  3. See also Church Slavonic.

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