SMS Dialogue with Maci

SMS Dialogue with Maci


Monday 25 November 2019

  1. Big rain again. Staying safe in my bed – I’m such a good forest engineer.

  2. No more rain for you from tomorrow – lucky you! Your last rain…

  3. Good news regarding topup – I can borrow £3 from Vodafone.


Wednesday 27 November 2019

I’m guessing you’ve left Paris and reached your destination. Must be exciting. Greetings from Belfast. You’ve left endless rain and daily hardship behind.


Hi. I did some research about Israel for you. Google Gagon shelter ( for a homeless shelter in Tel Aviv. Address is 40 Ben Zvi Road. The same address has a cheap tourist hostel named Overstay. Tel Aviv has cold rainy winters and high rents. For cheap flats, head to Haifa (north)… or abroad to Jordan. For dry hot climate, go south to Eilat (Red Sea beach resort). Both cities have dirt-cheap Ryan Air flights to Europe (like £8 to Poland). Keep well! -Matthew


Friday 29 November 2019

i spend a day in abschiebe prison


Saturday 30 November 2019

I posted a big comment to your blog but your blog ate it. It is unclear where you are now. Possibilities: (a) France, (b) Israel, (c) Germany, (d) Northern Ireland… Right now going to Tomb Street to check if you are there.


i’m in the bus from paris to allemagne now


Saturday 1 December 2019

I’m back in my forest bed. No owl last night…


  1. I wish I could simply visit you in Tomb Street to discuss your story.

  2. Austria = the Alps! How will you survive a snowy winter? You should rather evacuate yourself to Spain or Greece.

  3. You’ll revert to Deutsch and you’ll quickly forget English :-(.

  4. Your experience in Israel is a reminder of what travel in Europe is like without the EU… Enjoy your freedom while the EU lasts!

  5. I have told you that Northern Ireland was the best place in the world… Everywhere else is worse.

  6. You mentioned my surname in your legislation. Thankfully the mention is discrete enough that it shouldn’t help unwanted online followers. Surnames are a concern for authorities and stalkers, not friends.

  7. Many other topics: Google Garage, sabbath…


Wednesday 25 December 2019

back in berlin now. polish majority in the night shelters do not let me sleep.

Thursday 26 December 2019

after two days in prison the whore israel state deported me back to paris accompanied by two civil suited securities each one with two or more passports or even identities. it costed me another 200 euros to return to berlin. yes i’m in berlin now! but not happy this evening!


Tuesday 14 January 2020

Irish winter = endless storm trying to tear apart my shelter. Ruthless! Now I want to stay homeless forever… and drag others into homelessness. P.S. No Big Issue = no £££ since Christmas. I’m banned from half of stores in Belfast for “not being nice”.


Sunday 2 February 2020

hi maci, how are you? when can i call you? please give me a time window.


Monday 3 February 2020

The wind hasn’t ended. Glad you don’t have to endure it. It’s the most awful thing. I put it to a good use for testing various shelter architectures. Miss Bruna from soup kitchen asked me to pass you best wishes. Greetings from outside the EU.


good night


I make only a minimal use of the phone. I have no warm and quiet place for phone conversations literally ever… except the library and public toilets. I wouldn’t use them for that. I’ll let you know if this changes. Good night!


by the way. if you know Poland better than me: What are the most Prussian, Deutschlander, European and maybe Russian too cities in Poland? What do you believe? Maybe these peoples can keep some of these cities in paradise side by side with their polish neighbours!

And how to distinguish these coties? By cemetries or churches?


Wednesday 5 February 2020

Which Polish cities are most Deutsch? There are remnants of mental divide between Poles that correspond to two-centuries old borders of German, Russian and Austrian partitions. People in former German areas are more Euro-enthusiastic. These areas are also more developed. There are traces of German history in every formerly German city and Polish people take care of them without national prejudice. Old German residents are welcome visitors.


Sunday 9 February 2020

lieber europäer maci, vielleicht suchst du dir eine europäische stadt aus?!


Wednesday 12 February 2020

Lieber Uwe, sadly my Nokia has no Deutsch typing support.

I’ve always wanted to build a futuristic society. However the society likes it more when I rot in a ditch. So be it!

They completed the destruction when they murdered my personal computer.

I came to this remote island with one purpose: to die in solitude.

I am the last man. With me, humanity dies. After me, pigs will inherit Earth. There is no future. The European and American Dream are over. I witnessed their fall. There was noone by my side to defend them when they were under assault.


May i publish this letter?

What can i do for you?

Did you see the map of your european capitals of culture?


Saturday 22 February 2020

I did not see your map because I have no internet.

Other things I don’t have: phone credit, battery power, proper food and a place without freezing cold, wind, rain nor human nuisance in order to use this phone.

Everything closes when I’m done sleeping, so I spend most of my waking time trapped in my forest bed shouting into the dark until dawn when I finally fall asleep.

The storm hasn’t ended since you left.

What can you do for me: can you build me a true civilisation worthy of the date “2020”? A city that offers its residents more than a desert? One safe from weather, with a wealth of communal facilities around the clock such as unencumbered toilets, computers, laundrettes, kitchens, transportation, benches and beds? One populated with artists, thinkers and engineers busy day and night?

I thought so. Even if you could, your God would destroy it out of spite, like He destroyed the tower of babel.

Even if I had your gas cooker, or a barbecue grill, I couldn’t use it – because of a storm lasting since christmas. What i need, is a new type of shelter that protects me not only from rain, like my present shelter, but also from wind. I need a COLLAPSIBLE, DISPOSABLE CHAMBER of some kind, room-sized, to be able to do anything in life other than sleep.

Everything in the society of pigs needs to be disposable because nothing can last in peace and nothing will be left intact .


Dear Maci,

may be our gods do NOT have an Irish heritage for you in paradise.

If you like, come back to europe, Berlin or Polska!

Or wait for approaching summer to change some thing to the better for you!

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