Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Apostle John claims that Isa’s first act as King of the heavenly New Israel was to ban Antijehovah and his demons down to earth, ehere they try to possess ou souls.

When Jesus was prophet on earth, Jesus and his disciples could heal spiritually but only preliminary. The people died anyway sooner or later. And at those times the demons could side step to their dark holes in the heavens. Today they are no longer able to side step but into other living bodies.

Since then there is really no reasonable way of healing these obsessions.

If you kill or execute an other soul posessed by one or more demons, these demons will look for another soul, may even be they take posession of the killer or executor.

If you weaken a soul by medicines or drugs, he could become less able to resist the temptations of these evil spirits.

If you exorcise demons they will come back soon or find another host, maybe even the exorcist himself.

So the best we can do is to enforce our patients to to bear and resist evil, self destructive and agressive and violent thoughts as long and good as possible until sooner or later death.

If you numb any soul against his wishes by drugs or medicines, his demons may be enabled to invite other demons, so his health could become worse.

Demons can kill humans but humans cannot kill demons!

Only our heavenly spiritual gods are able to and will imprison and punish these evil spirits just.

Of course you can find weaker souls to bear others demons additionally, but this brings only a short delay of suffering. At least after the weak’s death, these demons will surely return.

Also isolation of concerned people only lets them die earlier or become more harmful but we cannot enforce or isolate the demons. They seem to be able to communicate between bodies or even share some bodies.

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