State Symbol Patch

State Symbol Patch

My latest patch for the Deutschlander state flag substitutes the political color Roman red by some Greek green. By this i hope to diminuish the European desire and demand to spiritual far Roman imperial world power and increase some sympathy to our spiritual nearer Greek neighbours and their demoscracy which too was and will never be perfect, but good enough for all communities under self administration!

Probably this is better than keeping or reawaking any traditional Deutschlander flag which are all burdoned by too many crimes against humanity.

There is no guarantee, but new colors may help us prevent repeating at least the worst mistakes of our ancestors and predecessors.

Many if not all other states world wide could try to make similar improvements depending on their main political and regional spirit and influence:

  • Babylonia
  • Roma
  • Greece
  • Egypt

Please interprete your former, present and future state symbols rather political than religious, psychological or mythological, at least if you don’t want to suffer more political contradictions than necessary. For the sake of the majority of your souls and communities, especially state relevant and constituting parties, religions, administrations and peoples.

  • If we want it even better, we could
    • substitute the “First Death Nation” black by some political blue
      change the rank and sequence of colors

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