Teesside Justice Centre Trial “Alan Dent and Colin Dodds”

Teesside Justice Centre Trial “Alan Dent and Colin Dodds”

Monday, 22 July 2019, Middlesbrough.

Court Scene

White wall with Justice coat of arms?

First row: The judge.

Second row: Clerk and Secretary

Third row: The two advocates and the prosecutor or state attorney.

Fourth row: The too accused.

Fifth row: Court usher or bailiff?

Third to fifth row with green chairs.

Right side: Screen for circumstantiating the trial. Three to four journalists and or reporters.

Left side: Opposite screen and room of detention.

Above: Gallery with one row of blue seats for public spectators.


In 6 April 2019 the two men Alan Dent and Collin Dodds have demolished the window and door of MP Helen Goodmans (Labour) office in Bishop Auckland.


First a Police officer explained the deed by many different pictures and videos

  • from a dash cambout of a car, showing parts of the promenade of the accused shortly before the supposed deed.
  • leavlets concerning brexit
  • two paving or brick stones blood or red color stained
  • some websites
  • protestations of the accused some yeard ago with flags and partly forbidden symbols?
  • supposed political intention of the deed.

Second: Alan Dent explains that he was upset by being exposed to his former girl friend twice and having been upset by her! He tried to take the whole responsibility by his own.

Outside while a break he seemed to be proud and happy for that?! Did they promise or pay him some thing?

Third: Collin Dodd seems to be political engaged more than Alan though with own family as husband and father.


The judge in blue indicating that she is not as independant as desired did not believe their story but made them both responsible and paying by short prison custody and some money for the damage.

Open Questions

Where are the other eye witnesses of the deed? Helen Goodman herself or representative? The cars passing by? The many other pedestrians seen on the dash cam video? The driver of the dash cam video? The friends of the accused?

Who made the dash video? Did some one try to provoque the deed and filming it?

Where have the “bricks”, on the fotos rather pavement stones stained by blood or red paint come from, before they picked them up on or near the bridge in their way towards the office?

Who stained the stones them and why?

Which are all the memberships and supported parties of the police witness AND the accused and the other participants of the trial, including judges, attorney and advocates?

Now was the deed real politically and voluntary intended or happened it suddenly by provocation and or accident or sudden affection?

I’m not sure about this, fortunately i’m not their judge. And at last paying the damage and short time in prison seems a moderate penalty to me.

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