The Daughters of Babylonia the Great

The Daughters of Babylonia the Great

Babylonia by Nimrod was the first state on earth after the deluge. It was obviously meant the capital for all future cities and on the run to develop the first super state with her tower into the skies or even heavens.

So the spiritual daughters of Babylonia the Great can only be all our earthen states, sub and super states.


  • Europea
  • Britannia
  • America
  • Russia
  • Latina
  • Italia
  • Greece or Elena
  • Turkia
  • Arabia or Afrabia
  • Aria
  • Egypta
  • Roma

Secondarily all other states like for example

  • Deutschlandia
  • Baden Wuerttembergia
  • Bavaria
  • Bulgaria
  • China
  • India
  • ……

Many of our religions and other communities can survive as tribes, peoples, clans or even only families into paradise restored.

Even parts of our state communities could survive degraded to normal or common peoples without own government and without power over other peoples!

All souls and communities will soon be ruled by the heavenly Jesus and his bride and heavenly nation of kings and priests New Israel from the temple and capital New Heavenly Jerusalem.

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