The Devil and the Christian Democratic Union

The Devil and the Christian Democratic Union

Erwin Teufel in Spaichingen supports the CDU and the CDU made Erwin Teufel Minister President of the Deutschland federal state Baden Württemberg!?

I do not remember any National Socialist making such offensive advertisment for the devil!

It could be that Christian Democrats turn out even worse and more evil than the NS!

Jesus himself foresaw: They will progress from bad to worse!

Not vice versa!

So how did the Christian Democrats become the sucessors of the Nazis?

By being better or even holy? I cannot believe, i beg your pardon!

And i cannot believe that our Christ is a Democrat at all!?

He could be a Christian Social or a Social Republican maybe but not a Greek Nationalist like Democrat!?

The demos was meant the nation and the kratie the government of the ancient Greece.

Our Christ takes all of his souls into account, not only his demos or nation, including not excluding the slaves!

If we do not give our powers enough contradiction and balance, they would soon degenerate and grow like cancer cells.

This was the case with the ancient Gentiles, Jews, Christians and even Muslims.

If they would not have been controlled and regulated by our gods they would have corrupted and destroyed the whole creation!

Today we have many more new prophets and religions, without whom we would not recognise how sick, disunited and controversy our humanity is in deed.

They and many other communities killed Jesus and his almost 144000 brothers and sisters for the sake of power, wealth, honour and wisdom, who are now gentile, jacobine, christian and muslim holies in the Christ’s heavenly government!

The last would be the first, so it would be more and more evilness and power needed to send the few remaining of the 1440000 holies to heavens.

Now the earthen powers try to make us responsible and pay for THEIR sins! Is this kind of justice???? We have to wear our own burdons and crosses! We do not need more!

Please give us refuge barrack cities with commanders and judges, guards to insde and outside, hospitals, prisons, brothels and workshops, where many sinners too and believers can live and be judged in some order without being made responsible for the sins of the world powers and without having to wear their full burdons.

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